Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them. -Elliott Erwit

My husband John and I (Michelle) were recently married in October 2012. Shortly after our marriage we bought our first home in small town Plum City, Wisconsin and began "settling down." We have enjoyed hobby photography for many years. Recently we decided to begin a journey into the small business world. We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our page, to support your local business owners and to help in our new adventure!
We can't wait to meet you and share in the special events of your life!

There are differences between HARRIS Photography and other photography businesses:

We are a locally owned, closely located small business. This means that we are available, interested and able to keep in contact on a regular basis. You will not be lost in the shuffle!

We use a high capacity digital SD card so that we can take many more pictures than other photographers do. (The last wedding, we took over 700 pictures) Sometimes the candid pictures are the best ones!

Next, we give you all of the pictures we've taken, regardless of whether or not we think they turned out the best. We believe you deserve to have all of your pictures plus the ones we edit.

Lastly, it is our goal to not miss one picture that you have dreamed about having on your event day. We will meet beforehand in person or through communication to go through different poses and then bring those pose ideas to the shoot to make sure that we get every single pose you dream about.

We hope that you get some good ideas about our type of photography and work ethic. Because our small business journey is relatively new, we are able to offer lower prices so that everyone can enjoy professional photography. Our only request is that if you like our work, you refer us to your friends and family!

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to request an estimate or further information. We will be pleased to help you with a decision that best fits your budget, your dreams and your event!


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